Public Health Internships

Curious on how a minor in public health can lead to a professional career? We interviewed a few public health students on their experience in SPH3001 Public Health Practice, an industry attachment module for all public health minors. 

If you would like to read more about our internship experiences in SPH3001, visit our PH Internship Review Repository which contains more student testimonies on their public health internship. The repository is updated annually based on a student feedback survey. 

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My public health internship experience

Teo Hui Ying

Faculty/Major: Faculty of Science, Life Science
Internship Position: Cycling Without Age Singapore, Operations and Development Team


My internship experience involved…
During my 3-month internship at Cycling Without Age (CWA), I helped to support the Operations and Development Team and worked alongside my Project Manager and Project Coordinator. CWA’s mission is to give seniors the chance to feel a part of society, where they aim to bring seniors and others with limited mobility on trishaw rides. 


What was the highlight of your internship?

Having the opportunity to give trishaw rides to seniors, especially during the Temasek Shophouse opening event is my most memorable highlight throughout my internship. I was super proud to be part of this event, being the pilot and representative of CWA. I have definitely felt the wind in my hair and it was all smiles throughout the ride. It was crazy to even imagine the scene of 10 trishaws out in Orchard Road, and everyone made it come true! This really proved the power of team spirit as driving forces of any movement. The event ended with a dinner at the National Museum of Singapore.


How has the internship shaped your perception of the public health sector? 

It made me understand the non-profit sector, how things are run and the potential challenges they may face. Attending conferences gave me insights from Key Opinion Leaders, and observed how many actors come into play and impact the public health sector. What I've learnt through Public Health modules are relevant too, and I'm able to see the different types of preventive work on the ground. It made me realize the importance of having passion in the work you do, which keeps one motivated and wants to contribute even more each day.


Shannon Leong


Faculty/Major: Faculty of Science, Life Science

Internship Position: ACCESS Health International 


My internship experience involved…

I was an intern at ACCESS Health International, a non-profit think tank and advisory partner to governments and private sector players. My main responsibilities were to conduct research and analysis on bone health programmes in Singapore to identify gaps and areas for improvement and provide secretariat support for a public-private stakeholder partnership. Primarily, I was involved in the planning and execution of a bone health symposium and other bone health related events. 


What was the main challenge of your internship?

Being independent of my own project and in charge of the symposium was definitely a challenge for me, as I had to make sure that everything went as smoothly as possible and be able to manage multiple things at once - the stakeholders, speakers, public, action plans, logistics, manpower, etc. The experience has taught me how to be decisive and more detail-oriented. I overcame the challenge with the support and encouragement of my ACCESS Health colleagues, who were a great support before and during the event day.


Any advice for fellow students interested in public health internships?

Go looking for opportunities and don't wait for it to come to you. Taking up the SPH3201 module has been a great experience and it really comes down to what you make of your internship and how you want to grow as a person! Don't hesitate to try different roles and experiences in public health as this sector is very broad and it's good to explore and learn more about what it has to offer.


Wan Tin Hang


Faculty/Major: Faculty of Science, Life Science
Internship Position: Public Health Translational Team (PHTT) @ SSHSPH


My internship experience involved…
My internship was with the Public Health Translational Team (PHTT) @ SSHSPH. PHTT supports the Ministry of Health and its agencies by providing dedicated translational expertise and generating evidence for policy formulation. PHTT carries out research work (including academic review of topical issues, review of evaluation methodologies and cost-effectiveness analysis) as part of a long-term cooperative partnership to address specific policy issues. My overall job scope involved doing research and literature reviews concerning topics such as Dengvaxia vaccines. 


How has the internship shaped your perception of the public health sector? 
It helped me to understand that the public health sector involves so many different topics, and also requires people of different expertise to collaborate together. I also realised the importance of collaboration between individuals of different skill sets and disciplines in public health. Different opinions and views need to be accounted for in order to produce a balanced piece of writing. Members of PHTT also possess different skills that make them more suitable for different work – some are more well-versed with writing while others are better in analysing statistical data. They are all needed in the team in order to produce a complete piece of work.


There are also many different roles needed in public health - epidemiology, policy-making, and translational work in the case of PHTT.


Any advice for fellow students interested in public health internships?

Public health internships involve a wide range of expertise. People who work in public health come from very different academic backgrounds - biology, mathematics, geography, sociology...and the list goes on. Don't be afraid to try out public health internships!